The prostitute wife came to the house and asked to spend the night and that was the end

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I started living with Yuri around last winter. Today, Yuri's older sister Marin had to go on an unexpected business trip. Since he couldn't find a hotel, he stayed with us for a week. Maybe because Yuri was here, she was very attentive, always on the defensive, she displayed before my eyes her beautiful pants, her big butt. Especially after taking a shower, Marina freely walked around the house naked, so I happened to admire her beautiful model-like body. I couldn't stand it anymore, so the next morning I had to turn on the porn movie and masturbate alone in my room. While masturbating, she suddenly entered my room and witnessed everything. But she didn't leave, she came and took my phone and watched the sex movie I was playing. I'm so hot I don't care anymore. I ran forward and took over this wonderfully beautiful body.