JUQ-343 Fuck your mother-in-law to get revenge because your wife curses

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I was invited to dinner because I was having problems with a subordinate at work, and I ended up having an affair. The idea of being able to hide was lost, and the bride's mother found out. When faced with the photo as evidence, I could not hide and repeatedly apologized to the rice field. From then on, a series of miserable days with ejaculation management began. During the argument, she left to go back to her mother's house and I had to go over and apologize, but she still refused to go home. Decided to stay at my mother's house, I had no choice but to move in to live together for a while and what I didn't know was that my mother and I were paying attention to our sex life. When my wife was angry, my mother-in-law and I were secretly sneaking around. in kitchen.