NDRA-067 The cowardly husband watched his wife sucking the neighbor's cock without doing anything

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Akio and his wife live in an apartment in northern Kanto. The two people's lives were extremely happy except that Eimi always expressed dissatisfaction with her neighbor. He seems to be a gangster. Always talking loudly makes noise throughout the apartment complex. Even smoking in public places made the vice president of the women's association like Eimi no longer able to stand it. She wanted Akio to go talk to him, but Akio was a bit scared so he didn't want to. Eimi had to personally bring the apartment complex's general agreement for him to sign and follow. But Eimi did not expect him to push her down and rape her. He also took pictures and threatened to distribute these pictures if she did not obey. Akio once came home from work to discover that his wife was having a dildo inserted into her. He only dared to watch and did not dare to stop her. And then, when he was weak and didn't dare to do anything, his wife gradually changed by him and turned into a prostitute to make money for him...